Arabic – Professional translators for legal texts German – Arabic for the professional fields in law, medicine and business.

Our translation team offers the following language directions for translations

  • Arabic – German
  • German – Arabic

Made by native translators in all professional fields.

The range of professional fields includes:

  • Economic translations

  • Legal translations
  • Technical translations

  • Advertising texts

  • Internet page texts

  • Approved certificates and documents.

All respective texts are translated by our experienced, professional translators who are Arabic or German native speakers.

The Arabic language belongs to the Semitic language family. It is one of the six official languages in the United Nations and the most widely used language in the Afro-Asiatic language family. It has a centuries-old tradition. The classical Arabic language is the language of poetry and the holy scriptures of Islam, in which Mohammed received the Koran from Allah. So it is taught in Islam. Arabic is the language of great philosophers and scholars. The scholars in Spain used the Arabic language for a whole era as a language of communication in written and spoken. To some extent, the today’s taught Arabic is an artificial language.

The German language is spoken in many countries in this world, primarily in Germany. As mother tongue, it is widespread in the European Union, mainly in countries adjacent to the Federal Republic of Germany, such as Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Eastern Belgium, South Tyrol, Alsace and Lorraine. They are all speaking German, however with a dialect which is partly incomprehensible for Germans.

The anglicization of the German language should be counteracted.

The value and beauty of the native German language should be highlighted. Particularly in economic and legal translations it is important that a clear German language is used.

Professional fields:

As a team of translators we offer our knowledge and our two decades of professional experience in the Arabic language together with the flexibility of a small service company, for the following fields:

Economics, law, technology, advertising, catalogs, websites, certificates translations

Economics – professional translations in annual reports

  • Business correspondence

  • PowerPoint charts (slides)

  • Business concepts

  • Risk control

Law – professional translations for contracts and legal pleadings

  • All types of contracts, including certifications, among others:
    Employment contracts, consulting agreements, purchase agreements, credit contracts, management contracts

  • All writing in patent matters

  • General terms and conditions, conditions of purchase, delivery requirements

  • Court correspondence, pleadings, statements of claim

  • Trade register extracts

Technology – professional translations for technical devices

  • Electrical equipment and electronics

  • All kinds of machinery

  • Quality assurance

  • Measurement technology

  • Motor vehicle, automotive technology

  • Technology in the food industry

  • Technology in agriculture

  • Watch technology

  • Environmental engineering

  • Technology in cosmetic devices

Catalogs – professional translations of catalogs

  • Catalogs

Advertising – professional translations of advertising texts

  • Advertisements

  • Brochures

  • Press releases

  • Web pages

Websites – professional translations for Internet texts

  • Technical documents, instructions, manuals,
  • Medicine, medical equipment and instruments, catheters, dental technology, general medical guides relating to radiology, oncology, and urology
  • Websites

Certified translations – professional translations

  • Certified texts for presentation in court

  • Certification of documents, diplomas and work certificates

Certified translations – certifications

In Germany and in several other countries, it is compulsory that all translations are certified. This certification can be made only by translators who have been sworn, or by state-certified document translators.

Our prices:

Depending on the difficulty level and on request.