The history of Arabia

The Arab peninsula has been occupied by Semites since the beginning of the historical tradition. They were nomads or not sedentary people, moving from one place to another for economic reasons, especially because of the rough climate of the dessert. So they created the economic form. The Islamic calendar started 622, the year when Prophet Mohammed escaped from Mecca to Medina. Until that time areas of the current Saudi Arabia were part of the kingdom of the nabataeans, which in the year 100 of the Christian calendar was conquered by the Romans and became the Roman province „Arabia“!. Within a few decades Moslems conquered a big empire from India to Spain. The current kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded in 1902 by Abd Al Aziz Ibn Saud III. 1933 big oil fields were discovered in Saudi Arabia. 1938 they were opened with American help and Saudi Arabia became a rich country with economic influence.
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