Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a kingdom, an absolute monarchy in the Near East. The Arabic peninsula is located in the Near East with borders to the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf fast well as to the countries Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait in the north and Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in the east and Oman and Yemen in the south. The country is relatively new, having its current borders since 1932. The so called „absolutism“, where one king governs the country in an autocratic way, without any political participation, was determined as state form in the constitutional law of 1992. The official language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic. The capital is Riad.
The Arab League, an international organization of Arabic states, was founded on the 22nd March in Kairo, having its seat in Kairo. Nowadays it consists of 21 countries in Africa and Asia as well as the Palestinian Authorities. It is a line organization for solving problems and improving the relationship between the countries. In many cases the positions of the different countries are too different for a common political orientation of the Arab League like the European Union. No one wants to give up its recently gained advantages. Since 2005 there is a provisional parliament in Damascus, but it has only the power of consultancy.
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