The Arabs

The Arabs have been a suppressed people for more than 1000 years, mainly formed by the influence of foreign conquerors. Their language is the language of great philosophers and scientists. In the early Middle Ages in Europe the conquests and emigrations of the Arabs where similar of those of the Teutons. Among others the word „Arabs“ comes from „Abor“. This means ”travelling“ or ”moving on“. Long ago the inhabitants of the Arabic peninsula went on plundering tours to their neighbor countries until the Islam and the prophet Mohammed changed the efforts of spreading the country to another direction. They started to conquer and occupy countries far away, which they wanted to convert.

Knowledge of the Arabic language means enormous advantages for the economy, especially for the agriculture. The tradition of Arabic craftwork existing for hundreds of years brought the Arabs to Europe. The gothic style of building comes from the Arabs.
It has to be mentioned that Arabic texts for the subjects law, medicine and economy are translated into Arabic or German by experienced and specialized members of the translation team ( )